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The one-stop solution for your Grocery Shopping


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Shopping list

Easily add items to your list to plan your grocery shopping in advance.

Prices Comparison

Automatically compare prices from the leading supermarkets to detect which one offers the cheapest price for your list

1 click transfer

We add every item on your shopping list to the cheapest supermarket basket automatically. You can then choose a delivery date and checkout.

Budget Tracker

Forget Excel! Effortlessly keep track of your grocery expenses and savings over time


Save your money

We scan prices every day from the leading supermarkets to get you the best deal every time!

Save your time

Optimized to help you save the most precious thing we have: get back 30 min of your time on average from grocery shopping!

Save your budget

Consistently save money every time you shop. Keep your budget in check with your weekly and monthly report.

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We do not get commission from supermarkets and we do not sell your data. We work for you, and we are dedicated to give you back your time and money, especially as Brexit and COVID, inflation has taken its toll on the prices of groceries.
Our algorithms scan all the prices from the major UK supermarkets every 24hours (taking into account special offers and loyalty programs). In this way, we are able to show you all the available options from each supermarket for your shopping list. We can also pick the chest product for you automatically or you can choose manually.
You will not need to manually compare your shopping list in many different supermarkets anymore. We will automate all of this for you with one single click. You will be able to create a shopping list in minutes. Our virtual assistant will suggest items you might need according to your shopping history.
By comparing prices from the leading supermarkets we are consistently able to provide the best basket value available to you for your shopping list. On average you will be able to save £17 on your weekly shopping when you use our app to compare grocery prices.
We are committed to become your one-stop app for grocery shopping and ensure a very reliable service that is always available to you whenever you need it. We are committed to adding more supermarkets to our list over time.
Comparison sites only allow you to compare product prices leaving you with a lot of manual work to do. SaveMyBudget is your personal shopping assistant that saves you time as well as money! It allow you to:
- Quickly plan your shopping list suggesting you the items you may need according to your shopping history
- Allows you to compare single product prices across shops or directly find out the store that is currently offering the best overall basket value for your list at that time.
- We transfer your shopping list directly to the store of your choice ready to finalize the order at checkout.
You can use our in-app live chat or email us at info@savemybudget.com